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Music review: Guol Hing Zawl

Gospel, DVD Video, Zou: This is the second all-women choir album I have come across. And much like A Min Siangthou Phat Un, Guol Hing Zawl excels in its format: assemble voices, songs selections and arrangements.

Apart from the rest, its song selections of bringing together popular choir songs, lengkhawm and hymns is worth mentioning. The songs selection includes: Zou much loved congregational songs like Lei Manglukhute khu (Damsung in Mang nna I sem ding) and Hundamna Khantanhoi (Shina lim nei a touin mipi sangtampi mang zing), popular choir songs like HP Runremthang’s Nuom In Ka Puong Zel Ding, Lalsangzuali Sailo’s Tamtan Dong and T. Pumkhothang’s Hing Domsaang, Hymns songs like Phamaw Lou (Simlei tuonsuoh nanlei, Mang Jesu banga pha) and Jesu Itna Hoi Sengsang E, and the title track, which is also a new translation, Patea’s Guol Hing Zawl and Pastor Ngamlalchawl’s Mangpa Lemguot Dan (Ka Mangpa lemguotdan koiin athei zou diei?) among its lengkhawm songs selections.

The album has fault in not crediting the songs composers, camera and editing and music composer. And the videos are presentable.


The title track Patea’s Guol Hing Zawl, as I’ve mentioned is a new translations. The song was included in one of Lalruotmawi’s Christmas album in its original version. Below is the song and  full lyric: (1) Guol hing zawl diing in,/Vankhuo in vai a hawm;/Eden kotkhah kihong kiata,/Lut un Zion khuo a vaht.|Thunawn: Nuom un, Nuom un, Hing Tanpa Belamnou ahing pei;/Phat un Halleluiah, Amen Halleluiah,/Hing tan diing in ahing pei.|2) Zaila ngai ging khun, Leitung a suling a;/Eden a kimu thoukiata, Hei e! Sun Alsi a chi uh.|3) Mangpente Mangpen, Leh Zion Vaihawmtu;/Bangchia um thei e mihing ah, A lungsietna kidang sengsang.|4) A phat laa non un, Van mipi Serafte;/Tui suogiet leh khovel zousien, Zailan dim hen Halleluiah.

Also, the closing track Kross Silbawltheina is a surprise. The Vanlaisailova’s number has been ripped off of his signature style. However, the selection is a good one for its rich lyrical tone saying Kross silbawltheina salvah a,/Ka diing ngamlou ka muolphouta;/Kalvari Kross pul ka douna,/A tuisuoh jel ka lei hinkhuo.|Hing jelsuohta ka lei hinkhuo,/Thomhau kikou thawm ka zah khun;/Vankhuo leh tui aw hing tangsahtu,/Ka phat chim theilou ka Hundampa.