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Music Video Album review: Tullel Lawkta by Zami Hauzel

Love/Patriotic, Paite, DVD Video, ZRS, Muanlal Home Studio, Skylight: With the involvement of Muanlal (Muanlal Home Studio), it’s safe to say Zami Hauzel’s Tullel Lawkta has been braided out from his preceding Nancy Biaklun’s Muikhozing which reprised and remixed the best of old Love songs: Of the eleven tracks the album has to offer, from the title track Tullel Lawkta written by (L) S. Kaizadal which has attribute of power-classic, to G. K. Gualnam’s Vangkhua Khatlou, Zansawt Leidi and V. Paukhansiam’s Lamka. The classic styles of these songs quietly are affable to Zami Hauzel’s vocal. But the reprised songs – Lianlunching’s Muikhozing, Ncy Doungel’s Khuambang kip In and Aw Ka Hinkhua and Boisy Chongloi’s Ka Lunggel – however shamed her; she couldn’t escape the embedded signatures of either Lainlunching in Muikhozing or Lynda Vaiphei in Aw Ka Hinkhua.

While Zami tried to cover the best of power-classic and Ncy Doungel’s lunglen songs; these selections alone could have proven disastrous without Muan Hangzo’s Cell Phone and Zolei and Khupkhenthang’s Sinzawl Vangkhua. Like the duet with Hatbawi in Nanglou In, Muan Hangzo (though he still haven’t been kuddo-ed by this blog for that breezy Simte Love duet) has a fresher take in composition. Both his tracks accomplished much of what this music album is capable of. It could have been confident with its selection instead of marrying every other genre.

Zami Hauzel appeared in most of the videos. The director, James Thangluai cast himself opposite Zami in Muikhozing. The video sequence has a storyline with a mature narration. Chiching in Tullel Lawkta and Rebecca in Cell Phone deserve to be mentioned. And the camera and editing have done their job right.

Tracks selected:

Sinzawl Vangkhua:

1) Vangkhua tembang ka deih leh ngaihhuaipen,/Ngailou bang tuang nungsiah san ing;/Lungin gel veng taangin zaitha nemlawh!/Sinkhual zin hilou kumsawt tham dih hi’ng|Sen-a-gual ngaihte liavang ngaih teng,/Sakmel mulou guabang hing zou diam?/Keibang lungzuan sial ding a taang sanggah;/Sian in hon bawl hiam zin daw-ai hiam?|2) Lenna taang kitoi leh liavang ngaih teng,/Chikleh donbang ka hon tuah diam?/Nunlui thelbang thousak aw Tuisial Mual,/Naubang paha min ka lawh uh Mau Jaang.|3) Lai-ah tangbang nahlua sang e thuaklai!/Lungin gel veng Sinzawl Vangkhua;/Lia-leh-tang teng nuam ngabang leng nuchia,/Nuihmel siausiau in nunnuam hei nuchia!|3)I Vangkhua khaikhawm heina gam minte,/Theibang lou in zailan kon awi;/Lengtong, Tuisial Mual, Lianga Tang, Maujang, Pumbung, Mualkawi, Zoudang aw hon ngai veng!/I Vangkhua siktui damdial a luangte,/A sialhen lui, Pantuk, Thilsan,/Zongte Lui, Vangmi, Gammang Lui, Tuijiat,/Singthupi Lui tuite hon dawn nuam veng!

Vangkhua Khatlou:

Vangkhua khatlou tomkal melmu,/Gibang khen zel ding a maw?/I kholkhawm lai nuam aih ni aw!/Lungsit ken vangngaih Lianu.

Tullel Lawkta:

Tullel lawkta tau aw! Keibang vualngai na hiam?/Keibang a vualngai taan na hiam, lungzuang na hiam?/Keibang vualngaih taan aw na hihleh, Hong leeng in,/Siang ah deihthu sut in ngaih siang ngabang leeng ni;/Deihgel lungzuan sial aw, Hual khaubang sut nuam veng!

Cell Phone: