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Album Review: Krista Hmangaina by Joseph Pakhuongte

Krista Hmangaina by Joseph Pakhuongte {Cover}

Krista Hmangaina by Joseph Pakhuongte {Cover}

Gospel, Video CD, Hmar, Mizo, Doh Doh records, Erato: Joseph appeared for the first time in 2007 released Delhi Hmar Christian Fellowship’s Krista Ka Hamthatna. His solo in the album Ka Rochan Hlu opens his debut solo album, Krista Hmangaina. And what followed are the influences he must’ve had in the fellowship. His gifted vocal grasps sounded regularly effortless and charismatic and evenly dictated wording of both the Hmar and Mizo lyrics.

Solomon V. Hmar has written the title track Krista Hmangaina, and three other – Ka Tawngtaina, Babulon Vadung and Saula! Saula!. These tracks engages and compliments the opening Bobby R Songate’s Ka Rochan Hlu. Joseph vocal reach comfortably relish in them, almost sounding angelic.  But his vocal reach defines limitless as it tried that comfort with hymns and lengkhawmselections.

Joseph Pakhuongte

Joseph Pakhuongte

I don’t remember the last time I heard a male singer singing Lengkhawm songs, L. Kamlova’s Aw Halleluiah sounds undisturbed and alright as any female singer would have do with it. “Khawvel thuaitu arsi ropui ber,/Bohna ram leh lungngaihna ram chun eng rawh”. But the sad part is that’s the only inclusion. The hymns – Ka Chhandamtu Min Vengin and Nitin Isu – captures the otherwise ignored vocal reach in regular home music, which need a male voice to tone up and down in controlled pitch demanding professional vocal training.

The album has 6 songs in Mizo: Apart from Aw Halleluiah and Ka Chhandamtu Min Vengin, the songa in Mizo are H. Lalremruata’s Min Khawngaih Rawh & I Hmangaihna and Joseph Fanai’s Min Kai Ang Che. And the title track has also been reprised in Mizo. This signifies an ambition to expand territorial chart for the album. But the consideration should be whether a male singer in Mizo gospel will be able to succeed to not have compared to and rose above the shadow of Vanlalsailova. Yes, it’s doubtful.

The title track has been reprised in both the dialects: [Mizo]”Krista hmangaihna changtu ka nih,/Ava mak em a va mak em!/Keima lama ka hang in en hain,/Hmangaihna chhang hian ka mawi nem maw|Aw Hmngaihna a va sang e!/Ka hring hriatna’n a phak lul lo”. [Hmar]”Krista hmangaina changtu ka nih,/Ava mak ngei ava mak ngei!/Ka ni na hain ka hang en khawm hin,/Hmangaina chang din ka hmawi nawh.|Aw hmangaina an sang taluo!/Ka hring hriet nan a phak lul nawh”. Not much difference in the wording, isn’t it? By the way, the music composers of the tracks, James Rochullo and Rokunga respectively echoed the one composition to sound different all together.

In addition to Rochullo and Rockunga, the album has 6 music composers. They are H Lalremruata, Tluanga, Dina and Mahmuaka. Lala Hauzel edited videos shot by different cameramen. And like the rest we’ve come across, this album also fails in video technicalities.

Since all the tracks have already been uploaded at youtube, I’ve pick some of them:

Babulon Vadung

“Babulon vadung pangah tapin hun ka hmang,/Ka hlimna leh ka lawmna khawm a dang zota;/Nitin in Salem khawpui ngaiin ka thlir a,/Singkhuol ramah hlim zai ka vuor thei nawh.|[Chorus]Babulon suol hrengkawl ka bun hi,/Aw Lalpa Nangin min hung hlinpek rawh;/Mei leh suum in nitin in ka hringnun hruoila,/Chuongchun Zion hla mawi rem tang ka tih.|Ingtin am Singkhuol ram ah zaila rem ka ta?/Babulon hrengkawl bunin suolin ang min chiim;/Ka hratna leh ka theihna a touh thiem si nawh;/Tingtang baan in luoithli ka nul nawk thlak.|Nitin in ka hringna hin Lalpa a ngai che,/ka theingilh ngai lul nawh che ka sandamna hlum;/Ka hringna ka thainek in ka tlang lem che a/Edom hratna an thawk mithruoi suok rawh”.


Aw Halleluiah

“Aw halleluiah Lalpa ropui ber,/A fakna kirtinah fawn se;/Namtin Lal ropui leh zahawm ber chuan,/Mitin lungchhungah thu han sawi leh rawh.|Hruaikir leh ang che kalboh ta te,/Muthlute chu kaithoh leh ang che;/Khawvel hruaitu arsi ropui ber,/Bohna ram leh lungngaihna ram chhun eng rawh.


Ka Chhandamtu Min Vengin

Ka Rochan Hlu


Krista Hmangaihna