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Album review: Dorcas Light Choir’s A Min Siangthou Phat Un

Gospel, DVD Video, Paite, Angel’s Vision: Its very format, a female voice and grouping of middle-age women, could turned off any interests to the album. However, A Min Siangthou Phat Un is able to rise above these limitations.

Dorcas Light Choir's A Min Siangthou Phat Un

Dorcas Light Choir's A Min Siangthou Phat Un

Ours’ female voice assemble is the same as the regular choir of male and female participants consisting of voices as Sopranos, Contraltos, Tenor and Bass. This very case made a bit annoying assembling vocals imposing limitations; tenor and sopranos almost descends the same range and so do contraltos and basses.

All ten members of the choir impose a balancing act with dedications to their designated voices with discipline, perfected them. This very diligent effort gives a well-versed harmony which we’re not unaware.

Of the 12 tracks, the free flowing nature of songs such as It Leh Ngaih Lungtuakte Lenna Gam, Zanmial Abei Ding, Kumpite Kumpi and Hun In Lenmual Khum Zouta are easy listening. The highly tonic-solfa orientation of the rest of the selections sounded totally comprehending its format limitation. But in the other side, these songs comparatively showcase the group discipline as a group.

The songs selections, consisting of Hymns and Translated, are not credited. Such act shouldn’t impair an Endeavour; at least song numbers must be mentioned for the Hymns.

The videos are handled by one capable cable-house Angel’s Vision. The group members needed no guided instructions; they know the best of themselves. The videos are clog-free and well-lighted, making them genuine.

I have avoided jolting down lyrics of the tracks because they’re all subtitled. Here are some of the tracks which I’ve selected:

Kumpite Kumpipa


Zanmial Abei Ding


Hun In Lenmual Khum Zouta