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Album review: Phalbi Huilhi – A collections of Country Songs (Gamngaila)

Patriotic/Love songs, Thadou-Kuki, VCD Video, Ruolngul Recording studio, Gibeon Media: I am saying this for the first time: Phalbi Huilhi – A collections of Country Songs is a gem; a perfect studio album.

Phalbi Huilhi - A collections of Country Somngs (Gamngaila)

Phalbi Huilhi is the second album of both K Thangnieng Singson and Lhingboi Singson. Their first Van Manna, a gospel venture was released in 2007. K Thangnieng as composer and Lhingboi as the singer have ultimate in their collaboration. Their first and second have that ultimatum, genuine efforts which translate into a perfect studio album. The selections of the songs to arranging them; the thematic finesse of the lyrics assortments balanced the arranger craft to capturing his singer versatile vocals.

The genius behind this venture doesn’t end here. The three musicians lending their hand are ingenious. Larry Lalrintluanga (Vega, Aizawl), Thangzangam Khongsai (Gibeon) and Robert (Ruolngul) weight in; it couldn’t get any better. However, the flip side is that the three don’t sound much different, heavy digital realization in their craft subdued what they were capable of doing.

While it’s not surprising for every album enthusiasts to feel the pressure of releasing their works in video; this is Phalbi Huilhi shortcoming. Gibeon Media have no innovating inputs to differ itself from the rests of editing establishments. The same goes to the director Haopu Haokip. The album significant is its brilliant musical efforts, and it’s not any better with the videos.


The opening and title track Phalbi Huilhi, composed by K Thangnieng, welcomes you the trends this album enrich itself with. Lhingboi Singson comfortable vocal graspings and Larry Lalrintluanga musical deepening the lyrical tones of the song: Za’nkhosot huilhi hung nung hin,/Lunghel ana deh;/Ahsi somleng bombiel kilom bielbiel in,/Chung chollha vahnu toh vanlaizol ah;/Biphal lam lhuong ngui heu chan a lang e.

There’s only one track not composed by K Thangnieng; Lunghel Ana Ngei Ye by TS Agou is deeply engrossed in lyrical tone. Thangzangam musical style still has intact rapport to a song.

Mautaam is the single track which Robert lends his musical brightness. The free flowing rhythm relishes the vocals of the singing differ immensely from the rest.

The translated songs are rich dividends of the album. Lhangtin Muoltin by Butta and Nunglam Kahung Kile Kittai written by F Rokima are evenly graceful with Larry Lalrintluanga music celebrating Lhingboi Singson effortless vocal grasps. Here are the first lines of Nunglam Kahung Kile Kittai:  Nunglam kahung kile kittai/Chuchan gibing khen nungin/Hiche ham I zougam vangkhuo/Tuhlou gammang bang daai e.|Goldeite’n sen vonchoi oijun/Za’nkho jong angui zoutai/Chulsa nunlui nunggel kuomle/Guol cheng jong naubang kap ui!