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MUSIC ALBUM: ECT Next Generation’s I Want You More Than Gold or Silver

Gospel, VCD Video, Zasanga Recording Studio: The Principal, Rev Dr Kh Khaizakham, was right that comparing this edition of ECT Trio to the last one is futile. And this remark isn’t unobvious because when the last Trio’s album Khanlouna Khopi released, it was clearly mentioned then. ECT Trio Next Generation’s I Want You More than Gold or Silver introduces Grace Siamte, Paulina Khongsai and Thiemnu Thangeo. Apart from the girls, almost all the sound and engineering dept were regulars. The album bears the signature selection style of singing; the myriad dialects namely Thadou, Paite, Meitei, Hmar & others.

ECT Next Generation's I Want You More Than Gold or Silver {Cover}

ECT Next Generation's I Want You More Than Gold or Silver {Cover}

While introducing new faces and new voices, the songs selections and arranging of the album doesn’t differ to step forward. The new girls potential to carry forward, as much it lay to be canned, is the strength of the album. They are qualified, trained as choir singers, pious and deserve.

Opening with Martin Nystrom’s As the Deer Pants, the following 13 tracks this album offered resemblances and pull together unchanging and ever melodious home music. The trios aptly deliver vocals diligent to master the selections; Chingthianhoih’s Ka Kipah e Pakai, V Hangpu’s Puangjak Zelni, DP Thanbuka’s Ka Lungmuanmaw Changin, HP Runremthang’s Ngailutna Khonteh, Buonglienkung’s Ka Theina Atlawm, V Thangzauva’s Calvary Ah Damna, Rokunga’s Aw Bethlehem, Zawmpau’s Leiah Pathian Tam Maleh, K Chinkhandou’s Hambang Khangjing, Muana Hangzo’s Van Khopi I Lhunteng, Ningthiba Lamdam and O How I Love You.

Some lyrics:

Puangzak zel ni: Puangzak zel ni hiai thu/Khovel munchih gamchih ah/Kipak ni aw I zalen ta ahi/Tatna thu a thei nailoute kiang ah theisak dia/A za nailoute I zahsak ding hi.|Hong zongkhiatu Toupan,/Kalvari sing cross tungah,/I bat teng a din zouta hi;/Mi kuapeuh tua theichian Hotdam in a omdinga,/Jesu Krist min in zohna a tang zel ding.

Ngailutna Khonteh: Maha thoha apen laijin,/A melmate din a taopeh e;/’Aw Pa amaho ngaidam in/A thilbol a hepou’ tiin;/Ngailutna a zong a khontehe!|Ngailutna jong agilpen e!/A hoina jouse sulhumneuvin,/A lopina jong eipeuve,/Hibangh lom a ngailut kidang le loupe,/Ka theina jousen puong ka tin,/Thichen injong pong zeng tang e.

Ka Theina Atlawm: Lalpa ka hratna theina tlawm sienkhawm,/I rawngbawl ve din I mikosi maw;/Suong ding leh phen ding dang hrim ka neih nawh,/I Gospel thuchauh hi suong lem ka tih.|Ka theina a tlawm, Ka theina atlawm,/Ka theina a tlawm ngei maw Lalpa (2)

Regular in ECT Trio album like ZRS’s Zaia as music composer never fails to deliver. Another regular Lala Hauzel, the video editor has not done his home-work. The last trio album has some genuine, clot-free videos, which this album suffers badly. The camera shots of both Gerson Valte and Khanlun register same impact. But the videos which Gerson handled the camera and edited them, appear more appealing in look and precise comparing to the others.

Video:  Puangzak Zelni