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Album review: Muikhozing by Nancy Chingbiaklun

Love songs/Patriotic, Paite, Video CD, Muanlal Home Studio, Uptown Media:  That Biakmuan Ngaihte directed the opening video, the track – Bang Hang Mimbang. The song was written by him, sang by S Chingnu once. What’s the motivation behind this that the composer has to be involved in reprising the “superstar” classic? Gualte nuamin sambang zal,/Keilah nuamin zal mawng;/Nun dan ka siamlou vang hiam?/Bang dawhai hiam ka tan? Rapport of fine and diligent vocal of S Chingnu attributes, that a debutant singer sings with auto-tune or duplicate vocal, frankly with no voice. Likewise, Nancy Biaklun solo debut Muikhozing remixed or reprises 12 classic love songs and 2 new songs.


Muikhozing by Nancu Chingbiaklun {Cover}

The album clearly gripped on selecting best of Love songs: Biakmuan Ngaihte’s Banghang Mimbang and Muikhozing, Haupu’s Hon Ngaidam In, Paukhosoi’s Gibang Khenna,  Thangkhanlal’s Lailung Heh Hongnem Di’n, K Vungzalian’s Na Gelngam Diam?, Muana Ngaihte’s Lungzuan Kasial, Romeo Hangzo’s Ka Tantawk, Suanno’s Pengpelep, Kapkhenmung’s Nang Hong Piang maw and Koi Ah Om Na Hiam. Lung kinepna leh tak simthu,/ Donbang tuaklou hinteh maw!/Tua gibing khenna luankhi I nul,/Na awina hiam lungin gel in;/Tual ka niam zong anbang itna,/Khuambang in sang (Hon Ngaidam In). The two new additions, both by B Muan Ngaihte, Khuambang Kipni and Zoutate Gibang Khen appeared immature comparing to the rich crafts of other songs.

Syambawi Kullian camera shots have never been appreciated whenever it reached the editing table. The directors – Biakmuan Ngaihte, Mung Tonsing, Gerry Samte and Joseph Tonsing – could have sat at the editing table to seriously see through their presentation. The music videos do not augmented any lyrics: awful acting and story line. The exception is Pengpelep, directed by T Muanlal and Tungnung. Apart from Nancy, Chiching who appeared in four of the videos deserve to be mention.

If this album is meant solely for remixes or just plain lazy works, i cannot tell. In remixing, you keep the original vocal which in this case it isn’t. About reprise, better left unsaid because it’s dumb. What Muanlal Home Studio and music director T Muanlal has done is neither of them. And one after another, the duo crunch the Love songs, a surrounding tempo and synthesized vocal followed by a startled abrupt ending. Just like that! Technology advancement is bound to happen but a misleading unmindful uses as in here will exploit Arts. Also, neglecting it is also a huge lost.

Needless to say, there are few tracks which ‘passed’. Gibang Khenna and Lungzuan Kasial which we have heard from male singing were acceptable. And Pengpelep is brilliantly exceptional.

Last word: Old is gold. The explanations to that i’ll leave for the comment box.


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