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Review: KUFIDA’s Khangkhalei – 2

Love Songs/Patroitic, Thadou-Kuki, Video CD, Roulngul/Vision, Uptown Media: Seeing this album remind me that there are hopes for singers to released their songs in audio cd or cassettes (Hey, we still have them!). With time there come some youngsters, KUFIDA in this case, who religiously select those music audios and re-released them with videos. KUFIDA’s Khangkhalei 2 assorted singers the like of prominent Lhingboi Haokip, Papa Ngambawm (Ngambawm Tai’s), Kakai Kipgen and Janglal Khongsai together with budding artists like D Lienpu Haokip, H Lelien Khongsai and Lien Lhungdim. And with the assortment the album adored itself with credits of Musician like Robert Hmar, Thangzangam and Maestro Gouhau.

Khangkhalei 2 {Cover}

Khangkhalei 2 {Cover}

Except for the last track Khongbai Rock, the remaining Nine tracks are seriously sad songs: Whether it’s Lhingboi Haokip at her best with Thangzangam’s Hiti Di’n Kana Gelpoi which says, “Phat le ni kikhel bangin guolin lung na khela/Nang kipahna pen chu kei luonhi hi ahi,” or H Lelien Singson crying Lydia written by D Nehpu Haokip saying “Miljou pong e! Ka senngainou”. Again, take the lines from the opening track: “Gentheina ding bepa lungset nei chan ham? Mittli luonna ding bepa YES tia nei nasan ham?” You could do that only in Thadou-kuki love songs.

Even though KUFIDA’s Khangkhalei 2 boasted with Muzeeko Award to Garry Haokip for acting in Genthei Nading Bep, it ends there. Talk about acting, from over-enthusiastic to under acting class, I’ll pick Carolyn who shed real tears in Hiti Di’n Kana Gelpoi and Elvis Hmar who don’t try hard in Sihtui Bang. The songs with deep lyrical loner and singers with finest for it, the album would have been better without videos for most of the tracks, by the way.