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Album review: Lalpa Kipaahna Ka Haatna Ahi



NTBC Delhi Choir

DVD Video, Simte, Gospel (Choirs): Churches and fellowships in Delhi must gear themselves like home churches. NTBC took two years to finally release this project album in February 2010. NTBC, Delhi’s Lalpa Kipaahna Ka Haatna Ahi is the only choir album to come up after Delhi Hmar Christian Fellowship’s Krista Ka Hamthatna in 2007.

Opening with the Local Pastor’ Rev Kaikhanmang’s Lalpa Ku’ng Ngai Hi, the album offer us ten tracks of which four are translated songs including Shina Luipi (Hymns), Rev Thanglera’s Ka Lei Lungngaih, Rev HP Runremthang’s Lalpa Hung Pui Daan and Rev Ramlalfaka’s Pathian Meel. The title track Lalpa…chu Ka Haatna came from Local Elder’ Upa H Dongminthang. Choir Conductor’ B Goumuanthang’s Misiangthoute Leenna and H Lianminlun’s Lalpa Kawm Lamah complete the selections.

Joutung Baptist released the first Simte choir album with Jesu Lam Enin in 2000. The producers Toms Villa released the video cd in the following years. And unequivocally, the title track writer SD Simte (He’s credited as S Douminlian Simte) became a common name in every handful Simte albums releasing recently. He’d also penned two – Haanlung Chiamni & Vangkhua Nunnuam – from Simsung Music’s Tutkhawl Zaikhiang. His inclusion with one track Lalpa Chu Ka Bitna further welcomes him as one personality not only in Simtes but Home music as a whole.

Nang uh gam jousiahte/Lalpa phat in kikou un/Amin phat in lasa un/A siangthouna leh ginumna silbangkim tungah a lang/Lungsiatna in hung enjing hi. | Lalpa chu ka bitna leh muanna peen ahi/Ka hinna leh kinepna ahi/Amah lau mite tungah khotuana leh chitna langsah jing hi/A khut haat in a hunk he jeel. – Lalpa Chu Ka Bitna

Lalpa ku’ng ngai hi nichin in/Ka hinna Nang ngai in a mau hi/Nang louin nopna ka neilou/Kung ngai hi lalpa ka hung ngai hi. | Lalpa ngaihdam ka hungngeen uh/Ka sualnate uh thupha tawi in/Na ma-ah ka hung kilaan uh/Ngaihdamna Pathian hung sudam in| Hung leengin Lalpa ka kawm uah/Sualna leh siatna’n ka liamta uh/Na thu leh la in hung pawl in/Hagau siangthou in hung suhalh in. – Lalpa Ku’ng Ngai Hi

Tung Pathian hung hehpihna kaan in saang e/Tuana Pi-pu’n galdot phalou tatna/Lei mite’n suuidoh joulou Kross simthu/Pa lungsiatna Hutdamte haatna hi.| Lalpa kipahna ka haatna ahi/Na min siangthou phat ning na ginumna lian e!/Na sakmel mawina’n hung taan in tung sunni bang/Lalpa kipaahna ka haatna ahi. – Lalpa…Chu Ka Haatna

MM lalpa Kipaahna Ka Haatna Ahi

Lalpa Kipaahna Ka Haatna Ahi {Cover}

NTBC Delhi’s Lalpa Kipaahna Ka Haatna Ahi advocates and balances in its approach in song selections; While it encourages local talent and gets the most out of it. Just three soprano against five contralto is not an encouraging trend to follow in choir conductions.

Chhuanga (Delhi Studio)’s music doesn’t disappoints. But the studio recording could’ve been better. And hand held camera doesn’t much help in giving a genuine videos. Bungmual’ Uptown Media couldn’t help much if the videos are already shaking! And add some seconds of blank screen in a song. What they’ve help here is queuing the videos in a DVD format. And nothing else!