Book: Pastor H Nengzatun Tanchin leh Mang Gam Nasepna


Pastor H Nengzatun Tanchin leh Mang Gam Nasepna

Pastor H Nengzatun Tanchin leh Mang Gam Nasepna

Autobiography, Self-Published, Zou: When Mission teacher H Nengzatun faced interview to answer his inner call for the very first time in April 1974, he was disqualified by the MGP Standing committee at Singngat for not completing matriculation. And after twelve years on 4th June 1986, he sat on MSRTC bus to Aizawl to study G Th at Aizawl Theological College. And in 2010, he’d pension for having served that call after twenty – one years of service. Among others, Pastor H Nengzatun has baptised 702 believers, wedded 25 couples in Holy Matrimony and inaugurated two Golden Jubilee stones. Known as a staunch and candid fellow by his peers, he had hold posts from Moderator of Presbyteries to Statistician at Assembly.

Pastor H Nengzatun tanchin leh Mang Gam Nasepna covers the Pastor’s life and years of service. Though, it sounds more of a verbatim recording with listings of names and services and letters and certificates, the booklet came with some 40 pages completed the necessitated notes of a person in ministry.

A Minister’s Life

Pastor ka hi hun sung in kikhet lou kei leh thaselou kei in, Eph 6:6-7 na in agen bangin, Mihing nasem banga kingaitouh louin, Khrist suoh bang a lunggil a kipatsa kipahtah a Pasian nasem in ka um hin. Khrist lungsim kingainiemna leh thumannna hinkhuo Philipi 2:3,5,8, Paul in agen bangin kingainiem tahin midangte ngaipoimaw thumang tahin;, Pawlpite vaihawmna, upna ding mun ding a ang sena mun phot a zi-leh-tate tawh ki-posting in, MGP Biel sung teng ah umsuoh, Pastor Quarter teng luosuoh in, District teng a umsuoh in ka hunte ka mang hi.

H Nengzatun took pain of writing before becoming a minister, though in brief passages; his life as a mission teacher to how he’d struggled without sponsorship while studying and how a bomb exploding broke his left leg while on a journey towards home on December 1986. He’s also surprising to have written about how he “shamelessly” lobbied for MGP building fund at Mizoram Gospel centenary celebration; and naming names.

The 1997 unrest didn’t deter him away from his constituency. During the period, when Pu Chungthang asked 70 pastors and elders to visit their constituency, he and one other were the only to raise their hand. While all pastors kept away, he went to Tuivaikual Hiangtamjang to wed a couple by cycling. What difficult, according to him, was carrying 40/50 kg of rice by bicycle from Lamka to Muallum.

 And by May 2009, he’d have to read bible with torch light for his right-eye infection. He went through an operation for it with help from friends and family. Pastor H Nengzatun pensioned from Zou Synod presbytery on 15th November 2010. He’d said that he would miss his congregation the most. And have all the synod parents to thank.

Pastor H Nengzatun is a well renowned pastor in Zougam and the first to be note by Zolengthe Editor as a brave truthful minister. As his friends and family all chorus, his ministry doesn’t end as yet.


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