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Album Review: Tutkhawl Zaikhiang

Tutkhawl Zaikhiang

Tutkhawl Zaikhiang {Cover}

Video CD, Simte, Love/Patriotic: Released in January with full star presence at Khangthah Zuun Pawl Golden Jubilee celebrations concert, Tutkhawl Zaikhiang got pending somehow in my CDs basket for so long. And in this time wrap, all the videos of the album have been uploaded at Youtube. Say it is better this way. You can listen them now or go back to listen them again after you read this, whichever way. But what responses it got from across is hard to tell, for not one of the many websites reporting about the concert or uploading the videos has written about the album. Well, here we have full hand on it.

“Pi-pu vaanglai zaideih chu gammual, lawmgual ngaih laa, khangthah gam zuun laa, lungleen laa bang ahi”. This line from the Producer & Director Chris H Simte clearly points what the album attributes are. Not that Tutkhawl Zaikhiang solely betoken KZP 50 years celebrations; Rooted best lineage to culture and traditional, which the album essentially designed itself to captured. Love and Patriotic domain songs, Mizo singers, sound engineering and  music are of class significant for this ambition.

It’s not just the singers, but thoroughly we can say this is an Aizawl product, blatantly. And the best of best, period. Veteran Music composer PB Lianhminga gets full hand as Music director; Apart from Sela, C Sanga and HC Sanglura also appear composing tune of  most of the songs. Popular singer Joseph Zaihmingthanga writes tune for one and performs the same. Extending its star inclusion with Mami varte, Mimi Renthlei, Lawmi Khiangte and Zomuanpuii.

The 2001 Khuangnung Labu is the main source of lyrics which covers of Late and of todays song-writers alike. Of the 14 tracks, 5 are love theme and the remaining Patriotic. The album open with the director & producer penned Zogam Khanthah Lia-leh-taang with all stars appearance saying “Zogam Khangthah lia leh taang/Zil in siam in Zuun chiatta ni hang/Vaan a Pa in hung vangpiah diing a/Tung Pathian Nam tate ihi ngal a“. Following were singles from each of the stars. And the last four tracks were Choirs exclusively from Tutkhawl Zaikhiang Zaipawl.

Tutkhawl Zaikhiang Artists


Tung Thianmang in lumbang sung aw/Hambang huaisiam lamkai muanhuai/Mahni masiallou, ginum mi/Vaangkhua lai-na, khotuahna nei|Miimbang pianna gamlei nunnuam/Kiil bang khang in lawi bang thang hen/Houlung tuah in machiang suanlei/Leenna vangkhua nuam seem seem diing. – SD Simte’s Vangkhua Nunnuam

Selung heini’n na’ng don ve maw?/Na vaangngai in sawlbang vul ve’ng/Aw na sakmeel etchimlouh/Muhkaal ngahla’ng, kei selung muanna’ng| Tungleeng vabang leeng theileng/Leengta diing kei na siang ah/Nau bang nui leh tai kawmin/Gaal sial bang ki don um nawnlou diing. – T Goukhomang’s Leenna Taang Dangta

Saang nuam veng aw na tongdam neem/Zoulei tumtaai paal aw ngaihnou/Kawilouh a zouheisa/Banga na tul mai diing jaw/Gual kawi a loubang na tul diing/Lailung ah thaam, ke’nlah phallouh. – (L) L Lamzagin’s Heina Vangkhua Amual Tungpa’n

Miimbang i pianna zoulei gam nunnuam/Loubang tulsa giabang zuun ding in/I tung Thianmang in in lumbang hung sung henla/I gamlei nibang hung taangta hen| Khangthah Zuun Pawl lia leh taang tutkhawl khawm/Lungtup tuibang hung luangkhawm diingin/I tung Thianmang in gual hung jawlsah henla/I gamlei nibang hung taangta hen. – (L) Chintual’s Mimbang I Pianna Zoulei Gam

Video director Apuii and editor Sawma must have easy handling their parts.  The in-studio stage presentation of all the tracks are nothing new. Every local cable operators could give one like them! However, the staging performances of the stars here couldn’t be missed. Each come out fine.

As mentioned earlier, the full songs are already available (the link is given below). But what up-loaders have missed is 18:48 mins of Tutkhawl Zaikhiang- In The Making. The producer/director retorted “vaangpiah” is not “Vaang-pia-ah” to his singers. Mimi Renthlei blowing kisses said “This is for all Simtes hot guys!”. While practice sessions got staled by power cuts. And numerous espionage into making of the album from recording to in-studio video-graphing.

Watch the full album here

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