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Review: Sinlai Lianu by Son Samte

Sinlai Lianu     | Son Samte

Sinlai Lianu | Son Samte

Love/Patriotic, Paite, Video CD: The singer Son Samte premature death leaving this album unfinished. That the family and friends have taken where he’d left it. That Power Minister Phungzathang released this album. And so this is how Sanchil Lianu reaches you. Not so a regular but a very regular kind if you over look Gospel and conventional albums, Sanchil Lianu strike gold. The love songs were good pieces for your ear. Son’s peppy vocal defying conventional is rather a daring attempt at the first but that too not to rule.

Ten tracks and one bonus: It is enough to recognise the dared vocals of this singer; not anywhere in the line of established and regular singers. Opening with the title track Sanchil Lianu, the rest are of course love-theme songs and two Patrioctics songs – Singchih Thel Nah and Zomi Zota – and one dedicated song Von-iit. What really ‘nice’ about this album is that as each tracks open, you know the one coming will be different. Sanchil Lianu sounding dense and deep but its successive Hong Iit Ing rather jams with delighting beats and flow saying “Na vangngai ing heh hong nem aw, Nunlui sial louin, nuntak lel ve ni; Ngai, hon ngai lua ing; Ngai, hon it lua ing”.

The lyric are simple and has a bit of youthfulness in them. Not thick with lyrical tones but obviously charmingly loner ones. Take G Henry Samte’s Ana Ngei Mai which say “Ngaikhua lah hon tua loua maw, bang selung ka gel diam, aw ngai”. “Gual toh tanbang kim lou chi in ngai, sawl bang hon paih ke’n suanding neilouh zong, anbang ka it nang na hi” as in Emty Xoute’s Nang Ngaih. Not to mention how harmless it advocates the agony of one’s love. The song writers including Son Samte have managed to present pictures of it in anyway.

If ever the love of music has blossomed than pointing inspirations cultivating a pop culture is easy. We have Indi-pops, Mizo, Korean and English to have inducing us unknowingly. The videos for one follow rather convincing and desiring trends which allows you to ponder and understand the lyrics as well. Well, the director Joseph Tonsing put his singer spotlighted in the right place and in the right time. His models follow suit whether in angst or love but with the right facials.

For the first time, as it happen in this blog posts history, Uptown Media has given their best in this one. Editing by far where creative gives boast to its product than this fitted perfectly among others. And the reason is simple: the video graphing (camera) by Siambawi Kullian remedied which overdone its edited videos earlier.

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