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Music review: Kiging Zing Vai (2010)

Kiging Zing Vai (2010)

Big draw as fund-raisings campaign by ZKKP Tuibuong Kamdou veng, the debuted album of lyricist T Thangboi and singer Hatbawi 1998’s Kiging Zing Vai became a big hit. However, when T Thangboi second in the following year Zolei Zuun Ding Kisiempha Vai, a patriotic – gospel album doesn’t follow suit, he took up where he’d actively involved in with another gospel album Ka Mang Nunnem featuring amateur singers from his native village Daizang which saw yet another fate as its predecessor. After 12 years of his first album, T Thangboi came with reprising version Kiging Zing Vai this time with three additional dialects Paite, Hmar and Thadou to his own Zou.

Youth disciplinary which culminates the lyric conversations of the first edition had taken a back seat in this edition. His song writings easily conversational as in speaking didn’t get washed away anyhow. The 12 tracks, of nine from the first edition including the dedicated songs “Zua Aw” and “Ka Zuo Phamsa” and three new tracks were distributed precisely to suit each dialect. “Olive Lhangchunga” and “Van Lhagao” were in Thadou; “Belam Enkawl”, “Diktakna In” and “Ka Suan Toupa” in Paite; “Vanlal Nunnem” and “Vanchung Rammawi” were in Hmar; “A Lamdang Itna”, “Bethsaida”, “Kiging Zing Vai” and the two dedicated songs were in Zou.

Watch Belam Enkawl

It’s not surprising however that T Thangboi even in this album gave first-timers bigger importance which he’d always with his previous albums. When established singers Khaiminlun and Hatbawi appear with one single each, the album fully bank on its aspiring debutants – Niangboi, Muanlal and Lynda Phiamphu. Niangboi who sang “Belam Enkawl” and “Ka Suan Toupa” is a natural. Muanlal and Lynda Phiamphu singing “Bethsaida” and “Van Lhagao” respectively sound directionally right. While Rosy Chingboi in the two Hmar songs done her job right.



One setback of the album was the videos handling and editing were of low quality. Not one to spare, honestly. And the impact of this album to the first: the ‘Vanmang Jubilee’ award for lyric “Diktakna” seems lacklustre in Paite, Hatbawi in the title track “Kiging Zing Vai” took her comfort of singing Sugnu-influence songs – simply all the Zou Love songs – into it which loses what it’d been years ago.

Like Hatbawi in the first, this album is for Niangboi. And T Thangboi undoubtedly could recovered enough money from this to give another one; one that’d not required to be backed by as this but all together new-found success as the 1998’s Kiging Zing Vai.

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