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Music Review: Least We Forget PNM Trio – The Last & Final Album

Least We Forget PNM Trio

Least We Forget PNM Trio

Music by Thangzangam Khongsai

Produced by Mrs Lhingzahat Lhungdim

Gospel, Video CD, Thadou-Kuki: Three man, past middle age, singing hymns; this is PNM Trio. It doesn’t end there. The album which was dedicated to the departed member of the trio, L Ngamboi, Least We Forget PNM Trio – the Last & Final Album come across as one of the best released for the year-end 2009.

PNM Trio

PNM Trio - LL Muona, L Ngamboi, Peter Haokip

Opening with “Detna Neilou”, there comes one hymn after another. The trademarks of the trio with deep bass vocals nevertheless sounded less conceding though with only hymn songs till the eighth track, including the one in English “Peace like a River”. But it’s at the ninth tracks that the album took a turn into which came from the last two tracks, “Chun le Juo Banna” and “Ka Lei Hinkho”, both written by Lhingzahat Lhungdim, sang by Manglun Haokip and Nenem Haokip respectively.

Watch Peace Like a River

Questioning of what’d left after loved one departs and penned down lines deep hidden inside you get something like this: Chun le juo banna din ka hinbel e ngai o,/ I ding lomlou nei khulsin khum hitam;/ Hoiya solang banghen neiti hitam,/ Na laijon cheng koma zong lunggel kasei ngampoi. (Chun Le Juo Banna) Well, there’s nothing worthy of mentioning with the music, though it came from Thangzangam Khongsai. But the free flowing of the last two songs was rare. Manglun Haokip affirms his reputed credentials and Nenem Haokip’s “Ka Lei Hinkho” is a subheading to affinity.



Benny Khongsai relay the videos with simple expense on creativity; each of the dedicated songs ended with L Ngamboi’s spirited ‘Pathen loupina ding in’ video clips. The “A Hingin Vana Akal Tai” video and the two dedicated songs largely focus on the late member with live footings of his death rituals making them real and otherwise heartening. The transparent top-down margin in the video is unique supporting a fine background for the credits of each song.

Watch Manglun Haokip – Chun le Jo banna


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