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Music Review: Lalruotmawi – Independent Hla

Lalruotmawi - Independent Hla

Lalruotmawi - Independent Hla

Lalruotmawi – Independent Hla

Produced by Mr & Mrs Laltlanlien

Directed by Lalnunkim (Kimi)

Gospel, Video CD, Hmar: What do we have here? First there’s Lalruotmawi. Ashamed and battered by the Aizawl press gluttony to be subdued into brief seclusion. Soon married and now she’s back.  Following the hugely successful Ka Hausakna Lalpa, this is her first album in Hmar. Lalruotmawi’s Independent Hla shows a rapport of define skills which she effortlessly carried wherever she’s been.

With the concluding Centenary celebrations of South-West Manipur and the follow-up celebration of  Southern Manipur in May this year, this is the right time discussing Independent songs. Independent Songs were a collection of songs written by Ministers of Independent Church of India and could be found in most dialects. One rare quality of songs which denounces the earthly life subjection with perils to be govern by the majestic and mightiness of the Heavenly Father. These songs converse with lyrical depth and bear richness.

This album covers popular songs largely of the masters: Among the 12 tracks, there’re Rev Thangngur songs like “Van Thangsuo”, “Kanan Phaizawl”, “Pa Thununna” and  “Lallukhum Hlaw Dingin”; Pastor V T Kappu’s “An Lungawi Nawh”, “Lungmantam Khawpui”, “Ram Ngai Um”, “Khawvel An Maksanta” and “Hringna Thing Deihlim”; and remaining were Pastor Lienrum’s “Zion Khawpui”, Rev Thangler’s “Par Ang An Thliek” and Upa Lientlungvel’s “Thlafam Hai Vangkhuo”. The steady and unearthly quality of these songs accompanied by James Rochullo surprising beats and charismatic soothing voice of Lalruotmawi definitely is of core duality.



Van in tuipui raltieng,/Aw hlataka inhmang zawng ding in;/Misuol sika si ding in,/Van Lal nau ngei an hung ngira;/Aw midang a theih an um nawh maw?

Aw hlim in lawm rawh, ka thla inrih,/Inhmangna in thuk sin khawm;/Paradisa An tlun ta che,/Aw thlataka hung zawngtu che khan. (Van Thangsuo)

Len la nuom ngei van runpui ah,/Ei chatuon chawlna ding chu;/Ava mawi ngei,/Ei Lalpa’n A siem Selem khawpui;/Leng ve inla eini hai khom,/Lung ngai nom ei ni. (Lungmantam Khawpui)

When it is hard seeing even music videos to be well presented. Like her previous albums, here director Kimi give well-guided and clot-free videos. Take “Kanan Phaizawl”, which showcases wet paddy fields and terrains in its natural green. Or the homely white indoor in “Khawvel An Maksan Ta”. The videos are distinctively genuine. Not only Kimi, PVS Video & Computers handle the video graphing and editing well. Not to leave out, Tribal Handloom Centre, Lamphel who dresses her with different Mizo Puan in them.

Not to forget, the pioneering Nianglawmkim who have given her twenty-fifth album of singing independent songs. We won’t compare the two! Like Nianglawmkim, Lalruotmawi is very much our own. A define quality of singing which came from (L) Buonglienkung and H P Runremthang among others; she’s yet miles to go. Maybe another silver of Independent Songs: I don’t mind that either!


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