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Music Review: Suahtakna by BYF Light Choirs



Suahtakna by BYF Light Choirs ( Volume V)

Gospel, VDO, Paite: I was expecting another Hon Domsang from this delectable Light Choirs, but this one’s nothing of that! No, I’m not disappointed. The fifth volume, BYF Light Choirs’ Suahtak Na rather abides in its own glory of enriching soulful songs nevertheless most enlightening mediates of all as in prayers. Assorting new and old songs together in thematic finesse, unclogging flow and beats made this one collectible choirs album.

Like every other choirs album, we have songs in two domains. First is the “own” songs – of Choir conductor(s) mainly – and the others which were translated. Called it the Ramhlun North – effects, now we couldn’t have choirs’ videos without choreography. H Muanthang’s Suahtak Na take that very form conceiving its own endings rather smartly. His secondth Hon Ngaidam In, much in line with others, is captivating so are S Lam Jacob’s Toupa Konphat Hi, Krist a Suahtakna and Na Itna Thupha.


Suahtakna (Back)

Suahtakna by BYF Light Choirs (Vol V)(Back Cover)

Ka gam kulhbang uh chim zou hi,/Melma in ka gam tuam khin zou hi;/Hong un, unau Toupa kiang ah,/Thupha tawi ni I gam dam na’ng.


Hon ngaidam in, Toupa hon ngaidam in,/Halhna hon tunkik nawn in;/Michih lungsung hong phawnghalh in,/Na sianglam ko’ng zawt theih nang un.(Hon Ngaidam In)

Toupa aw Na tungah lungdam lua ing e,/Tatna thupha Non piak tak manin;/Tul ngeilou ding gou manpha nei tang,/Thupina teng Nang a hi den hen aw.


Na thupina in lei leh van zelsuak hi,/Thang semsem hen Na itna thupha;/Chichih namchihte lak ah,/Puangzak in om zel hen Na itna thu.(Na Itna Thupha)


This album inclusion of “old” songs is welcoming. Buonlienkung’s Ka Lungkimna got a makeover and Lalsangzuali Sailo’s Ka Deihpen Toupa and Ngamlalchawl’s Jehovah Min I Louden Ding are two that securely buy much finesse for the album. Of the twelve tracks, Serafim Lamawi and Toupa Hong Nawnna could be avoided. The other ten tracks gave this album a distinctive energy.


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