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Music Review: Peugal Gam Nom


Peugal Gam Nom

Peugal Gam Nom | Album Cover (front)

Gospel, Thadou-Kuki: Faith in Christ often than not free us from shame and despair in lifetimes. Peugal gam Nom – My testimonial Songs is one such to convey this sojourn: Lyricist & director Samuel and Singer Lamshi conditionally bring forth with their testimonials. The twelve tracks, nonetheless, converse and befitting music by Thangjangam Khongsai made this album one that could have a stand in its own term.

Opening with Samuel’s testimonials, by the time the first song “Nitin cross” came to an end, you have already realized this album meant personal whether for Samuel or Lamshi. Both their testimonials stand-out; and quite frankly more than the twelve tracks! Lamshi complimenting performances for the songs are simply effortless: Making most of the songs ‘holier’ with a pitted vocal including the one duet with Samuel “Isau le Jacob”.

Aw Pakai gim gentheina ka thohho hin/ Nangma thutah lama hansanna ei pe’i/ Ka tahsan vang a thoh jou jipoi/ Aw Pakai gentheite ka kinep nao hi/ Hin geldoh jing jengin, Nang ka lha ngai jui. (Peugal Gam Nom)  “Isau le Jacob” is dramatically conversational and least to say original. “Aw Hin ve In” with its gospel mission tones is challenging. “Nitin Cross”, “Van Inn Nom” and “Peugal Gam Nom” rather sounds less original. It seems we’ve heard them already!  “Christa Nungjui”, “Kipah Thanom In” and “Kavah choije” capture Lamshi in all new way unlike the rests.

The Videos are way over the top. Covering different places like Moreh, Bungmual and Tamu, all work to its own advantage. Uptown Media must re-look what it have given here. Green is greener and lights are brighter. Simply, they are all overdone. Chunngai Cultural Troupes (Moreh) who’ve appeared in “Kipah thanom In” and “Christa Ngailut” are worth mentioning.

Skit driven videos as in “Ahah Ta Ngei Ve” and others, Thangjangam Khongsai music and the testimonials display are not enough for an album to term as “Good Gospel Album”. For one, originality is what this lacks.