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Music Review : Kipak Ing by Nemmuankim

Kipak Ing - Nemmuankim {Cover}

Kipak Ing - Nemmuankim {Cover}

Nemmuankim – Kipak Ing

Produced by Dr D K Mang

Directed by Timothy Tombing

Video CD, Gospel, Paite: Big and bigger. Quickly this album is a coming of age. Probably, even more. This album brought the best hands together. The ex-Roungul Thangzangam (Gidion Studio) deserve to be mentioned. One sure thing is that the music and songs are so well synchronized that you are left awe-struck as the petite singer choruses in your screen.

Like every other gospel albums, this also does every bits to differ in styles and combinations. And does succeed in presenting all together a good for ear kinda songs. Every tracks differ yet holds true to the format it’s presented. Veteran music composer like Sia Thangpi and Thangzangam have given their best. Also, Nemmuankim’s voice and grasps are well studied. This is all needed for an aspiring singers!

Gospel songs writing face challenges with the advent of popular praise and worship songs. Here L G Guite who’ve written six tracks and V Nunlian who’ve penned two songs of the eleven tracks stood hard against this diverse. They in someway manage the rhythm in a way by striking a fine balance with contemporary format. The title track “Kipak Ing” and “Belhtak Pathian” by L G Guite are thematically sounds. It’s Dr D K Mang’s “A Thupi e” that’d win over, which ever way, saying : Mangna sem ding Zokawl lambang zawt in, vangkhua nih-thum ngoubang la’ng; Kumsawt hing ding tangbang damsak aw chi in, Lumsuang tungah Sianmang sumbang biah in.

nmk4Timothy Tombing has set new parameters for aspiring directors. His uses known styles here but what keep you glue to the screen is where he stands out. No two tracks have the same approach. The heartfelt realism in “Kipak ing”, the amazing Zodawn-green in “A Thupi e”, the backward motoring “Belhtak Pathian” and the lovely-homely “Na Manpha hi” are worth mentioning.

This album stands out in way no other have ever. For both Nemmuankim and Timothy, this easily give them a quick pad. And here we are expecting to see more of the duo.