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Music review : Zozam – Zou Feature Film songs

Zozam - Cover

Zozam - Cover

Zozam – Zou feature flim songs

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The very much anticipated project – Zou feature film – finally started cooking up more with the release of this soundtrack Cd. There had been rounds of tit-a-tats of flimsy searchings and findings, but none became so true as this of now. The album which was released recently brought new bytes. Zamkholien Manlun arrived with a bang! Well, all the songs were composed by him. Nonetheless, this involvement of one known, carried the film further, that we’d believe. Lets give ears to the music as of now.



The soundtrack efforts to differ in combination could be seen in most of the songs, apart from the title track “Zozam” by the affable duo M Lawrence and Hatboi and their other collaboration “Zolei ah Khuo vah e”. These tracks and the following single “Ka Hing Ngah” by M Lawrence does follow the trend set by Leel Aw Leel Aw. Also, we’ve heard these songs from earlier releases. The rest of the selection in way metamorphose the trend of Zou Love songs. The inclusions of Benny Khongsai is one that sure kick-off interest. While his earlier “Vangkhojol” from Ka Pu Saipu still reigns, here the duets with blissful singer Lhingboi are what magic and freshness is. “Ngai ing e” and “Huikhi” are fresh and engaging. The songs just flows so well. Even the child singer Chinghatnieng sound fittingly pretty in “Nuompen Sang e”.

Deinu & John Lalboi @ Zozam

Deinu & John Lalboi @ Zozam

The lyrics of most of the songs are well crafted. Well these words comes from one who has given us the dominating gospel album Vanmang Jubilee and patriotic domain album Zogam Calling. Though most songs craftsmanship supposedly in line with the screenplays, it doesn’t lack anyhow. “Huikhi hing laang tangzawl ah, a namtui leidi man ja’ng e; Koi gimnam e sinlai lungkuoi? “(Huikhi) The longing journeys in love here is not mistaken.

The five bonus tracks are much a treat. From “Zolengthe”,” Laileng ding”, “Hei a Lai leng ding” which captures the rough Papa Ngambawm vocal limitlessly to the smart ” Chivujang”by M Lawrence, these sure are exceptional. Listen the songs here

The film now on floor is said to be out by this October. The long wait might as well make us forget the songs sooner. This is early but indeed a very good one. Let me not feed you with another flimsy story. Whatever it may be, the film is coming and for now be happy with the soundtrack.


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