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Music Review : Khenlouna Khopi by ECT Trio

Khenlouna Khopi - ECT Trio Vol 7

Khenlouna Khopi - ECT Trio Vol 7 Khenlouna Khopi - Leiset'a hin kholjin ka hi; Chanchinpha dawium chiajelin

Video CD, Gospel: We won’t take much ado introducing this very much endearing trio. They have been in journey of spiritual sojourn with whom the gospel lives within. This album, the seventh and the final, yet betoken what the trio are. Aptly titled “Khenlouna Khopi, it bears the signature selection style of singing; The myriad dialects namely Thadou-Chin-Paite-Vaiphei-Meitei-Hmar. Here, listening to them has ever been a gratifying journey deep inside.

The album opens with T Pumkhothang’s Hong Len in, which have the unchanging gospel singing style of home. The following songs including the tittle track  Khaizakap Khaute’s Chanchinpha dawium chiajelin, Thongsat Haokip’s Leiset’a hin kholjin ka hi, the two Manipuri songs Sarat Santo’s Asumna asum and Nuamkhawniang’s Thagat lasi Maraona, Nu nuamnu’s Aw Pakai nei ngaidam in and Seikhohao Karuong’s Ka hei rokip che and Khenlouna khopi I thun teng le doesn’t varies much of style. But most of these songs have been the pioneering gospel songs which live and breath till today. Another likeness to this variation is the new addition V Paukhansiam’s Hong lungmuangsak. The song uplifting spirit tantamount with the vibes the trio put into will utterly hold onto you. “Hon Honpa sung nisim omtheih leng; Tawntung lungmuanna hi” is gripping and ingesting.

Muonting, Sangi & Kimpi - ECT Trio

Muonting, Sangi & Kimpi - ECT Trio

The upbeat songs are a delight with the inclusion of David kham’s Jesuh lianbel ta hen, Thangzanuam Lenthang’s Kei olmo lou ding and Darlene Zechech’s All things are possible. These songs will surely let you off your feet and dance. And the joyous  Job Lian’s Aw chapangte’ na ngai uvin will make you childlike and rejoice over the song which you have sung in your first Sunday school class. The surprising inclusion of Rev Zosanglian’s Lam der der rei aw is welcoming. Independent songs were popularized by Nianglawmkim, but for them, this was their first attempt to this genre.

The last song: ECT Trio

The last song: ECT Trio

The video are no less than a regular kind. The editor laid hand on new and already seen motions to give out a clean and presentable format. They, the trio, are ever presentable and pleasing. The lively and robust Sangi manages walking away with even more accorlade this time; Every while she does acts a very decent manner, which shows how much she’s matured. Here older sister Kimpi does demure like always. Muonting, the modest and little coy girl, this time round manages to catch your attention. She’s graceful and does manages to sprang abit.

How much self-reliant is gospel music than any other couldn’t be misquote. Though home music stagnant within, the like of witnessing development is here for espial. The likes of watching Kimpi and Sangi growing up in our very own Gospel Music industry could have been this one single effortless prize. Our destitute telivision haven’t seen any other as rich as the industry.

Pakai’n ei umpi jing uhen, Lhagao tahsa vangbuohna ho; Nitin a dong jing ding in aw, Kipa’n kikhen kit tao hite ( Khenlouna khopi i hluntengle). If in anyway, you think you’ll miss the trio, think about this sentences. That’s what their message for the time with them. But this album as a whole, does is a life-time. So, go grap your own.