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Music Review : Tuibang Gom Ding


Tuibang Gom Ding

Tuibang Gom Ding

Tuibang Gom Ding

Audio CD, Love songs, Zou

A suppose career launching project for the singer and song writer Paul TK Lal and perhaps the only album dedicated to ZSP Golden Jubilee 2009. The album will play less assertions if you expect higher. The album have not much to offer but the supporting singers and its Lyrics.

For the main singer Paul TK Lal, who have written 8 of the 12 tracks and could very well be touted as the new Love songs singer, his future seems gloomy as a solo artist. For an artist self-realization of potentials is an important factor. Here Paul offer us edgy and raw vocals which lack that collective touch to tip being finest. He sounds wary ( Well that’s what edgy meant here) and the higher note seriously need touches. His solo songs from the opening tracks “Lungjuan” and 7 others are unbearable.

The strength of the album is its supporting singers. M Lawrence lends his deep and ‘be in love’ voice alongside the newbie Muannu in “Ka Senngainou”. The duet gives this album a possible escape. K S Lianzaw render his new avatar with “Zomi Ngai”. He sounds fresh after a time-off.

The duets in this album are unforgettable in ways. One, because even Paul Lal sounds edgy and robust alongside Muannu. The duo pairs in “Hekituo In” and the title track “Tuibang Gomding”. And “Ka Senngainou” which is a reflexive of the highly regarded Haumang’s Songs. The no-drums and acoustic strings is a delight to ear, and it sure will stay with us longer than any songs.

Apart from “Lungjuan” and “Lenna Vangkhuo” which are written by Thangneu, the other tracks are composed by Paul Lal. He deserve a big applause and hug probably for the reminiscences of Zovakhu Kop Bang in in his lyrics.


P: Ka senngainou nang vangngai in, duong vul ing e, tong ei dawng aw…

N: Ken zong na vangngai in duong vul ing, Laituol hing leeng aw, ka sieng zuon in…..

P: Ngai sieng ah leeng ding, Na tuun leh zuon, palbang hing nang uh, gel in gel ngam lang….

N: Ka tuun leh zuon palbang hing nang zong, lung heilou zen in nangd’n kip zing vang…

D: Tuun leh zuo’n gibang khen zong, Khensie’ ngai….nigel kal simthu meibang ziin zong, Pham i Chiem dong khenlou ding…Sien in tuibang gawm ding….Hing siem ta hen.

The album could well be remember for its lyrics. The lines are expressive and expensively heartfelt. There are still scope of song writing in this Lovelorn Zou-Love songs and Paul Lal maybe just one of them. Maybe he should stick to that. The secular- patriotic “Zomin ngai” is instence. Mi ding ka phallou, Ka Zomin ngai aw, Miimbang ka pienkhietna Zomin ngai sounds unrealistic yet reasonable.

The album could have been around with the scoring duets and impeccable lyrical tone. Maybe Paul should stick to writing songs. What should i tell you to do with this album? That’s up to you now! But keep it for the duets and rich lyrics.