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Lungsiet Thimthu by Jabez

Jabez - Lungsiet Thimthu

Jabez - Lungsiet Thimthu

Jabez – Lungsiet Thimthu ( John 15:13)

Audio CD, Gospel, Thadou-Kuki

We haven’t really come across a boy band. That too in Gospel music. But here is Jabez. And they are a surprise. Much enthusiasm and even more efforts, the band came out from almost nowhere. They were grown-ups leading worship services in the church. Then Jabez happened.

The band comprises of five members. With Thangpu Haokip as lead vocals who have written most of the Lyrics, the other members include Tete Thomsong (Bass/Lead Guitar), Manglensey Lhungdim (Keyboards), Shominth (Rhythm Guitar) and Lalboi Haokip (Drums & Percussions/Backing Vocals).

Following Alternative Rock and little influence of the Praise & Worship line of songs, we are not comparing them with leading English Gospel Rock band. For Rock album still needs a foothold in ground in Gospel scenario, the band is rather a bold step.

From the opening track ‘Ngailud Jehbou’ there’s an immense amount of trueness in them; presenting Rock in rightful tone for ours. Gratifying the exclusiveness of Rock, rest of the tracks follow the same. ‘Lungsiet Thimthu’ and ‘ Kahin Laisen’ are definte and a straight reprise of each other. And ‘Keima Tahsan’ and ‘Tah-Chapa’ both lacks judgement.



The influence of popular Praise & Worship songs extend to the lyrics. Unlike conventional Christian songs, the lyrics are broken yet simple and well directed. It could be labeled inexperience easily, but in someway are directed in manner acceptable. Of the rest Thangpu’s ‘Lungsiet Thimthu’ stands out: Selung mongmo-a kaum’a/ ka hinkho hi a lamvai teng / Na mi lungsietna sangpen chun/ Nang in nei umpi jing jeng’e. This and other lyrics are wrap around in the distinctive nature of young relentless faith and hope in God.

All too predictably i will take this album as it is one of its kind. Also looking forward for more of the band.