We found love and we almost lost the love in between over trivial matter. But Sudhir Sharma, Priya’s father, informed Ram about the severity of the matter on Priya. Ram gave a big assignment for Ayesha so she won’t have to worry about her career at all. We’re not lost in love, as yet. As a prince charming could do anything for his princess!

165 friday

Ayesha Sharma blackmailed Natasha Kapoor over her pregnancy lie. They both made a deal that Naks would make her the showstopper in the upcoming fashion show. But Naks had another way to cross that deal. She arranged a wardrobe malfunction for the show stopper. The development has been under wrap in such a way that, we couldn’t comprehend it to come. It’s fruitful in one way, but too regular to give it a score. The reason is: the wardrobe malfunction we came across is not surprising at all. It happened in real life, then in a feature film and now in Television


The love relationship is blooming with the wish-lists realization and the distance brought by the ‘short’ US trip. A fully insured love-drama, Bade Acche Lagte Hain, doesn’t differ itself as it treated the love story. It started as stranger to friendship, then, the summit is love. But in between those, a hell lots of fights.

Episode 140

The medical tests and the results announcement lasted from the Monday’s episode to Thursday’s episode. You can say that it’s the main theme of the week.

Korinth Laihah Khatna Hilchetna by Rev V Hangminthang

Korinth Laihah Khatna Hilchetna merited its exposition with the lesson-wise distributions of the chapters of the epistle. Though this blurred outline studying: Opening Salutation, topics discussed and closing remarks it is a good Sunday school text book because the lesson’ topics act as Sundays’ sermon. Paul’s exhortation to the church in Corinth in the letter presenting solutions to their problems allows sharp analysis and exposition remarks in the commentary. Rev. Hangminthang, notably, uses it to greater detail.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Priya and Ram’s relationship has taken a new turn. By new, we meant, closer.

Guol Hing Zawl

Apart from the rest, its song selections of bringing together popular choir songs, lengkhawm and hymns is worth mentioning.

Easterine Kire

We will always feel we’re Nagas. There’s a huge cultural difference. But we are able to embrace India, understand Indian culture…only if you’re a Naga, you will understand. You have a sense of belonging to a smaller degree to India. Your identity is always as a Naga…you can have a sense of belonging to India. […]



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